Canal Street & Little Italy // NYC Guide

Last week, I met up with my friend Emma Saccone on a corner of Canal street to visit a few of our favorite places in the neighborhood and check out some new spots. We had a lot of fun, got our auras photographed, had matcha and chai, and went home with gigantic bags of Italian cheese. If you find yourself in that area, here’s what you should check out around Canal street and Little Italy: // Canal Street NYC guide

Cha Cha Matcha

373 Broome St, New York, NY

Matcha is a bright green powder made of specially grown green tea. It’s said to give you a calmer energy burst compared to coffee and fill you up with all kinds of vitamins and antioxidants.

If you like matcha or want to try it, this is the place. It’s everything millennial, pink plus matcha all-in-one! They have matcha lattes, lemonade, soft serve, baked goods… Feeling adventurous? Try their specials like Magic Mushroom Matcha Latte (chaga mushrooms, Siberian ginseng, cayenne, raw cacao) and The Beautiful Latte (collagen, ashwagandha, raw honey, coconut oil, vanilla).

Magic Jewelry

238 Canal St, New York, NY

This tiny crystal jewelry shop sits on the edge of Chinatown and offers aura photography and readings. It doesn’t matter if you actually believe in their spiritual interpretations and the new age symbolism, I think the experience itself is worth it and entertaining on its own, plus you get a beautifully colored polaroid photo as a souvenir!

Di Palo’s

200 Grand St, New York, NY

A family-run deli which has been around for over 100 years, Di Palo’s stocks some of the best Italian cheeses, meats, olives, pasta and other seasonal fare. See some of our favorites in this shopping list from last week.

Gasoline Alley Coffee

154 Grand St, New York, NY

This coffee shop on the corner of Lafayette and Grand is one of my favorites from back in the days of me working in Soho. I love getting their sweet and spicy iced chai and sitting either on the bar stools inside and watching the cars and people pass by outside the window, or bathing my face with eyes closed in the sun on one of the red benches outside.

Other favorites worth checking out:

  • New York Mart (fresh seafood, asian mushrooms, baby bok choy, giant jars of kimchi).
  • Bassanova Ramen (cash-only spot for hearty broth and noodle bowls).
  • Chikarashi (Hawaiian poke bowls and soft serve).
  • Nickel & Diner (coffee, brunch and retro booths).
  • Canal Street Market (artsy gifts and quick bites from local vendors).

Canal Street NYC Guide