Yellow Mood

Do you like yellow? It’s bright, juicy and sunny. From a color psychology perspective, it’s usually associated with happy and enthusiastic feelings. Yellow is all about expression of ourselves, curiosity, and integration of new ideas!

Yellow dresses: I haven’t had anything yellow in my wardrobe for years. When getting ready for my Arizona getaway this month, I picked up this lacy maxi dress and fell in love!


There are so many beautiful pieces in all shades, from mustard to canary, out there! Some of my favorites:

Banana Milk: I recently tried this for the first time! It’s actually made of roasted sunflower seeds with banana puree and cinnamon. It smells SO GOOD, like a banana milkshake or pie. The smell is a little deceptive though — it’s pretty thin for milk, and has a greyish color, and it actually tastes like any other seed milk. I thought it was okay in chai latte and I made overnight oats with it, but it didn’t mash up well with coffee. I mean, banana coffee… not sure why I even had hopes for that!


Tahiti Daffodils: I’ve never seen such fluffy and colorful daffodils! Ben got me a bouquet of bulbs expecting to see the usual white-and-yellow blooms, but we were both surprised with these peony-like blossoms! When I have a house in the future, I’ll make sure to plant these spring bulbs in my front yard.

Tahiti Daffodils

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  1. Ahh, I’ve been loving Yellow lately! Here in Ontario we’ve had our “third winter” as people are calling it (and the glimpse of spring we had – Fool’s spring!). It’s disgusting haha so much snow and grey in April. I’ve been gravitating to bright colours to try and stave off the blues. Thanks for sharing such a bright colour :) Also love your dress, that colour of yellow is so nice on you!

    • Kate says:

      Thank you, Katia!! Same here, same here… this winter will never end! Hopefully, we’ll get all the sunshine we want soon :-) Until then, yellow dresses.

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