Gourmet Restyle: Bubble Fruit Salad

For my second Gourmet Restyle post I decided to reimagine a fruit salad. Here’s my “Before” and “After”:

Lublyou.com // Fruit Salad Gourmet Restyle

In summers growing up, I became used to an abundance of fruit in our house (generously supplied by my papa who made sure my brother and I stocked up on our vitamins.) The challenge always was to eat as much as possible before it all started to go bad and we had to make jams and compote (which is sometimes way better than regular fresh fruit and berries, but that’s a whole different story).

No matter how much fruit we had at home, we never put it together into a fruit salad. It’s just not a thing back in Russia, I guess. There it’s either fresh and whole from the tree, or preserved for winter in a jar with sugary syrup.

Over the past 3 years in America, I’ve tried a few times to embrace the idea of fruit salad, but only recently did I come up with a good approach for me: it’s not as important what fruit goes into the salad as much as HOW it’s presented. Now I can make Bubble Fruit Salad and eat it in individual apple “cups” with “bubbles” of other fruit. It’s a nice mix of whole fresh fruit and cute round bites of salad.

Lublyou.com // Gourmet Restyle Fruit Salad

Bubble Fruit Salad

  • Whole apples
  • Your favorite fruit and berries ( I used white grapes, kiwi, blackberries, strawberries)
  • Mint leaves, dressing (optional)
  • Melon baller for shaping the fruit

You can use any fruit salad recipe and ingredients you want, but here's how I like to style it:
Cut off apple tops and use the baller to scoop out the inside, trying not to cut through the skin. Discard the seeds but keep the round bubbles of apple for the salad.
Create balls of other fruit and add round berries. Mix together and fill up the apple "cups".
If you want, use your favorite fruit salad dressing by mixing with the fruit balls before "serving" into the apples, or decorate with it on top afterwards.

Bubble Fruit Salad // Lublyou.com

Props and tools I use:
Ballers // Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, Rösle.
Mini cupcake stands // One, two.