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A week or so ago we went on an adventure and hiked up Scotchman peak. If only I’d known what I was going to go through.. Just some numbers: distance: 6 miles round trip; elevation gain: 3700 ft; hike time: 4.5 hours! It took us longer :-)

It’s the hardest, the steepest and the longest hike I’ve ever done. Hike starts out very steep. Eventually it turns into switch backs, and at last – into rock shale where you can see the mountain goats which is super fun. But it was such a hard work to get through it. There were moments when I felt like I just couldn’t breathe any more or I couldn’t lift my leg at all. It felt like I could just lay down there and close my eyes. Seriously. I am so much out of shape and it’s the worst hike we could pick for that case :-) But I kept going.. I just can’t afford giving up. The views were amazing and stunning, it was worth it. The way back just seems easier. At first we even ran downhill but eventually my legs got very sore that every step became very painful. Cold water bath and my most favorite ever L’Occitane foot cream (with shea butter and lavender!) were the only things I wanted in life after we got home.

It’s nice to look back now and to be proud that we made it. We also agreed to hike up there again next year and till then run, hike other trails and get into better shape :-)

PS:  for Ben it wasn’t that hard by the way…)
PPS: those mountain goats are getting way too friendly. Seriously. I think people feed them and now they come close to you looking for food. We had to get off the trail to avoid that goat from the first photo. One lady that we met on the trail told us that a goat licked her water bottle! Ooooh, I wouldn’t let it come that close to me! The goats have pretty big and sharp horns. Be warned :-)


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  1. that looks like an amazing hike! I’ve always wanted to come across mountain goats!

  2. this is BEAUTIFUL! oh my gosh i love the mountain goats. i’ve never really been hiking like this – it looks beautiful and like something my husband i could do together. my one dog would make it, but we went on a mini hike once at a local park that was kind of hilly (by kind of i mean it would be like walking on bubble warp or something in comparison to this) and our other dog kept laying down adn we thought we might have to carry her back to the car!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. Wow, what a wonderful hike!

    And I’m always amazed at how well foot scrubs and cremes work after a day on your feet<3

  4. Katia says:

    Omg friendly goats, that made me giggle!
    Makes me want to go on amazing adventure hikes, but I too need to get into better shape – ever since I’ve been working all summer I’m either too tired to go for runs, or I’m saving my energy for work later that day. :( Oh well.


  5. that hike looks great, although I don-t think i would be bale to make it… i would die if I was one of those goats so near!!! My mum has a house in the mountains here in Spain in an area full or wild goats and boars. It is very very rare to see them, but if you do, you should carefully move out of their way… they are not friendly AT ALL….. scary!!!!
    When ever we go up to my mum-s place with Paris, she is very careful not to walk very far away, she-s also scared of them! haha! xxxx
    Alice Barton TheMowWay

  6. thank you all for the comments! so great to read them!

    Alice, this is pretty funny! i bet the wild goats and boars are dangerous! These goats supposed to be, too, but they have too much attention from the tourists (and food) hahah

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