Lublyou New York City

Sun, August 2 2015

Summer in New York City… I’m spending a whole summer in NYC this year, and not just spending it IN the city but more like WITH the city! I complain about heat and humidity just like everyone else here, celebrate short bursts of rare storms, hate MTA and scroll through my Twitter feed to see […]

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we had to break up to fall in love again

Wed, January 21 2015

We flew back in New York last Friday, and got immediately caught up in a vortex of wonderful yet hard-to-forget-about-jet-lag events. I naively made a decision to postpone buying a 30-day unlimited metrocard and opted for a smaller pre-paid one, planning to spend the first week closer to home. Unpacking, sleeping, sorting through the emails […]

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Welcome home to Russia: first early morning musings

Tue, December 30 2014

I’m writing from Moscow, Russia today! Benjamin and I left rainy New York in the evening of Christmas day and arrived into sunny, snowy, frosty Moscow the next day. Since then we’ve been indulging in all the Russian food we can think of, sleeping a lot, getting up at 3 a.m. due to jet lag, […]

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A day trip to Cold Spring, NY

Fri, November 21 2014

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Emma and I, both craving fall colors and space, got on a northbound train at Grand Central Terminal. About an hour later, we were enjoying the sweetness of country air and the splendid panorama of the Hudson river. It was a perfect little weekday getaway: the town was […]

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