Skiing in Utah // Vlog

Sat, January 14 2017

It happened. After years of successfully avoiding winter sports, this week I found myself strapped to alpine skis on top of a snowy slope in Park City, Utah. I was surprised to learn downhill skiing has a lot in common with horseback riding, which tremendously helped me survive on this vacation and I can now […]

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Christmas in Idaho // Vlog

Sat, January 7 2017

It’s Christmas day in Russia today and it’s also the day I’m done with my Christmas in Idaho vlog! Feels almost like I planned it. In this video, Ben and I run into a moose, hunt a Christmas tree in a night forest, take a very long hike and fall… a lot! Right now I […]

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Leaving New York // Vlog

Fri, January 6 2017

Happy New Year, I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to 2017! I want to wish everyone who is reading this and myself that we get to know ourselves better, and that we stay brave and patient enough to create and pursue all the right opportunities in the upcoming year. Cheers! Lately, I’m having […]

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Lublyou New York City

Sun, August 2 2015

Summer in New York City… I’m spending a whole summer in NYC this year, and not just spending it IN the city but more like WITH the city! I complain about heat and humidity just like everyone else here, celebrate short bursts of rare storms, hate MTA and scroll through my Twitter feed to see […]

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