New York City wilderness

Mon, August 31 2015

It’s no secret that Central Park (a.k.a. our city backyard) is one of my favorite places to go for any occasion and without any reason, as it is for many people. A year into my NYC life, I now know that there are actually various different Central Parks all packed into one large breathing green […]

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August conversations

Mon, August 10 2015

It’s already August, which means all of the guests we eagerly expected to visit us during our first summer in NYC have already come and gone; I have checked watermelon, black and red currants, peas, gooseberries, and all kinds of ice cream off my summer to-eat list; it’s almost our 1st anniversary of moving to […]

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Lublyou New York City

Sun, August 2 2015

Summer in New York City… I’m spending a whole summer in NYC this year, and not just spending it IN the city but more like WITH the city! I complain about heat and humidity just like everyone else here, celebrate short bursts of rare storms, hate MTA and scroll through my Twitter feed to see […]

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another reason to love New York (if I needed any more)

Sun, June 21 2015

One of the best things about living in New York City is literally being in everyone’s way. People are coming to and through the city for business or on their way to vacation all the time. And I just happen to be here, so I get to see everyone as a bonus! I’m greatly thankful […]

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