Peacocks on the loose in New York City // VLOG

Wed, March 1 2017

The weather is beautiful in New York! We’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately. Last weekend, we explored the parks and the wildlife of Manhattan’s Morningside Heights. Next time you’re in the city, grab a good book, pick up a few giant chocolate chip cookies at a local bakery, come sit in the […]

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Winter Market in NY // Vlog

Thu, January 26 2017

Surprise, surprise, another vlog on the blog! I made a new video about New York’s winter market, shopping for photo props, and a little sneak peak into my studio while I’m working on a “salads” post (coming soon!).

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Christmas Tree in NYC // Vlog

Tue, December 13 2016

It’s our third winter on the East Coast, but until now we haven’t actually celebrated Christmas here. Ben and I had gone to visit my family in Russia in the past, and we had zero space for a furry tree in our tiny cave. This year is different, we finally got a Christmas tree for […]

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Magic Garden in the City

Sun, November 8 2015

Benjamin and I went up to The New York Botanical Garden in The Bronx recently. It’s a short trip north from Manhattan but it felt like an escape to the nature, especially when we strolled deeper into the forest, away from the main pavilions and exhibitions. We did see the Frida Kahlo collection, but I […]

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