Leaving New York // Vlog

Fri, January 6 2017

Happy New Year, I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to 2017! I want to wish everyone who is reading this and myself that we get to know ourselves better, and that we stay brave and patient enough to create and pursue all the right opportunities in the upcoming year. Cheers! Lately, I’m having […]

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Christmas Tree in NYC // Vlog

Tue, December 13 2016

It’s our third winter on the East Coast, but until now we haven’t actually celebrated Christmas here. Ben and I had gone to visit my family in Russia in the past, and we had zero space for a furry tree in our tiny cave. This year is different, we finally got a Christmas tree for […]

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Winter Brunch Menu

Sat, February 13 2016

When I was visiting my family in Russia last month I already knew I was going to work on a winter brunch shoot as soon as I returned, and I was actively looking for props. I needed something that felt fresh, coastal and wintery. I thought “wind-blown sandy beach”, “weathered white wooden tables”, “steely winter […]

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Roll, fill, wrap, repeat

Sun, November 29 2015

Blink-blink-blink: days fly by and I’m caught in between the glimpses that twirl, swirl and sparkle in my crazy life kaleidoscope. The only constant thing that helps me stay grounded is food. I love coming home in the evenings and making dinners; I cherish lazy weekend mornings in the kitchen spent baking or flipping pancakes; […]

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