Holiday gifts for cooks and bakers

One of the things Ben and I have been working on lately is this gift generator that helps you find a perfect gift for anyone based on a set on unique characteristics. It’s basically an algorithm that suggests a gift after you selected your preferences: an occasion, person’s description, likes and dislikes, price range…

If you’re not sure what to give to someone ambitious and funny who loves cooking and gardening, and doesn’t need any more books, give this gift generator a try! Go to and click on the highlighted words to pick your settings and then tap the yellow “Find a Gift” button.

unexpectedly gifts generator algorithm

If you do, let us know what you think! We’ve had a lot of fun working on it (and we still are), and we’d love your feedback and opportunities to improve!

I’ve also put together a few gift guides around certain topics that are close to my heart: gifts for chefs and gifts for bakers!

Making the guides feels somewhat like retail therapy – I pick the gifts that I know I would want and I also imagine giving them to people I know: both of which really lift my mood and get me into the festive spirit.

Happy Holidays!