Rhubarb Chocolate Babka

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I haven’t had or heard of rhubarb until 3 years ago when I moved to North Idaho. My parents-in-law had the biggest rhubarb bushes in front of their house, and I became their frequent harvester.

This spring (it’s currently snowing outside, but let’s just stick to the calendar here), I wanted to try something different from the usual jam and pie situation. Let me introduce you to Rhubarb Babka! This took me three takes to finally get the right thinness and amount of twists and layers. That was a lot of babka test-eating over one weekend!

My main tip: cool the dough in the fridge every step of the way.

Lublyou.com // Rhubarb Babka recipeLublyou.com // Rhubarb Chocolate BabkaLublyou.com // Rhubarb Chocolate Babka recipe

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Lublyou.com // Rhubarb Babka