Happy Holidays + Peppermint Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It’s 4PM on Christmas Day in New York City as I’m writing this now from our new apartment overlooking a wide avenue with rows of brownstones; it’s getting dark and I’m snuggling in my new furry robe, a gift from Benjamin, and sipping a foamy chai latte.

The last few months have been a real marathon, searching for a new apartment, moving in, catching cold, doing immigration interviews and collecting mountains of paperwork, working, working, working, studying, getting ready for the holidays and planning a trip home to Russia, and much more. It’s still too early to relax, I have plenty of work and errands to do next week, but we’re almost at the finish line.

I wish everyone reading the most wonderful holiday season, and I hope to see you here in the New Year!

But before I go, here’s a sweet treat. I made and photographed these Peppermint Chocolate Sandwich Cookies for Tastebook. I wanted to bake something simple but still very decorative, and the chocolate and candy cane filled star seemed like the way to go. You can get my recipe and detailed instructions on Tastebook’s blog.

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