Lublyou this week

Sometimes during my morning commute to SoHo I let my thoughts wander back in time to last fall, when we had just moved to the city from the Northwest. My days were filled with long walks with my camera, coffee shop hopping with Emma, farmer’s markets shopping and occasional photoshoots for magazines and bakeries. It never felt like enough — after all, I had moved away from a quiet resort town to this bustling city to be busy and tired, but instead I found myself on what felt like an extended vacation.

Nothing is permanent, and my wishes to be busy were fully granted. Over this spring and summer, I’ve gradually added more and more responsibilities and projects to my life, and now I’m on a high-speed train that makes no stops en route. Apparently, it’s already mid-October, and I thought it’d be nice to look back at some of the things I loved and participated in lately:

1. Fall
I’ve been doing a lot of freelance recipe development and food photography recently. For this Fall Produce shot Ben and I bought half the Union Square Greenmarket! I loved all of the colors I got to play with.

2. Baked apples.
I also enjoyed shooting these Caramel Baked Apples because my mama always cooks a similar dessert for papa back in Moscow. Also, this recipe involves spoonfuls of homemade caramel!

3.My pumpkin on Food52.
Food52 shared my pumpkin photo on their Instagram recently and it got almost 12,000 likes — I was so excited!

4. Back to school.
I’ve had the great opportunity to take a 6-week Food Writing class from 16-time James Beard Award-winning food journalist Alan Richman, which has been interesting and also challenging. There have also been lots of other culinary demos and classes here at ICC. My recent favorite speakers included Irene Hamburger from Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Jessica Glavin from Saveur magazine, and the legend himself, Chef Jacques Pépin.

5. Nostalgia.
Looking though my old fall photos makes me excited to see the leaves change again, and I’m hoping to go upstate to spend time in nature.
leaf fall in SandpointFall in New York

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2 responses to “Lublyou this week”

  1. Katia says:

    Gorgeous photos! I love autumn rainbow of produce you’ve put together there 😉

    I think it is so great that you are so involved in the world of food photography and writing, and taking classes for it and ah! So cool that they even exist, even cooler that you are throwing yourself into it! Happy Fall to you and Ben!

    • Katie says:

      Thank you, Katia! And happy first snow to you! Did it just snow a lot up there? It’s very cold today in NY too, I should start baking pies again :-)

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