Lublyou this week

Recently I started making weekly lists, featuring some of the things and moments I loved the most over the past seven days. I’m calling it “Lublyou this week”, because “lublyou” is Russian for “I love”.

This week I loved:

1. My recent food photos for Tastebook

Summer Pasta SaladPicnic Potatoes in Jars

Being Russian, I don’t quite get the whole “pasta salad” concept. It just doesn’t feel right to me to eat cold pasta. I should say it didn’t. I was asked to make a Pasta Salad recipe and photograph it for Tastebook, and I got really into it! I experimented with many ingredients and finally came up with THE pasta salad recipe that I enjoyed enough to want a second helping and more! It’s simple but crunchy and delicious.

Summer Potatoes in Jars , on the other hand, have always been one of my favorite meals to eat during my annual countryside vacations. Grandmother and I would dig up young potatoes and quickly boil them for lunch, sprinkle them with oil, salt and dill, and have them with fresh cucumber salad on the side. Forever favorite!

2. Friends in town.

Brooklyn East River State ParkDiner brunch Brooklyn

Our dearest Northwesterners flew in to visit and we had a mountain of fun, same-room-snapchats, food, walks, and even more food. Of course, we went to Diner for brunch on Saturday! I only wish Emma were still around to meet Ben and Lanette and to hang out with us. Ridiculously, right now as I type this, all three of them are in Dublin! What?!

3. The Roof Garden at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Met Roof Garden

Every time we’re visiting The Met we go up to the roof garden for the city views and a vitamin D break. Last weekend we happened to be there early in the day and had the whole space to ourselves! That’s when I finally got to see the new Pierre Huyghe installation right in the middle of the garden: there is a big fish tank that turns opaque white from time to time, and numerous “tide pools” created by lifted paving stones.

4. Sunday breakfast.

Birch Coffee Upper East Side

We got up very early for a Sunday and went to Upper East Side for the sweetest breakfast anyone could hope for. Literally! I had my favorite chai latte with one of my favorite Dough doughnuts, a bright pink sweet-and-sour hibiscus. We sat in the sun at the window-turned-bar and watched the Upper East Side dogs being walked or carried by, or left tied to a tree to patiently wait for their owners to grab coffee and fresh pastries.

5. My brother’s cat.

Scottish fold

My family, and my little brother in particular, recently adopted a new cat. I was a bit reserved about it at first, but now I can’t wait to meet her! This is Ami and she spends most of her days laying around in the silliest poses, asking you to rub her belly.

Other things I lublyou right now:

  • Columbo — Ben and I recently found these old TV series on Netflix, and it fit perfectly into our list of “cozies”. I’m particularly sentimental about it since I used to watch it with my mama when I was a kid. I can’t believe I’m now watching it with my husband in our New York apartment — couldn’t have imagined it then!
  • Chef’s Story — I’ve been listening to this podcast at work today while editing photos and it was captivating to hear interviews with the people I’ve been able to meet at ICC over the past month! So far I’ve made my way through the episodes about Dan Barber and Ron Ben-Israel. So inspirational!
  • Instax mini — I almost forgot how much fun it is to shoot these tiny “polaroids”! Luckily, with friends in the city I had more than enough opportunities to shoot a few packs of film. Here is an instax throwback: one, two, three!