Chase your passion

Washington Square Park viewBattery Park Spring

I had an inspiring conversation with one of the pastry students at the culinary center the other day. He was telling me about his decision to change from his architecture career and pursue something he was actually passionate about: food. He was a bit nervous when he came to the school for a tour, but then he entered one of the kitchens and saw flour dusted all over the floor, and at that moment he knew he’d found his happy place.

I couldn’t believe it when he talked about flour on the floor! I knew EXACTLY what he meant. Every time I walk by the bread kitchen and see flour tracks leading in and out, I experience childlike excitement and feel I can almost smell creativity (or probably just baguettes and ciabatta in the ovens, basically the same thing).

Have you had a moment where something sparked you and caused you to change direction? Food is such passion for me, whether I cook, photograph or simply talk about it. I’m glad I can call it my job now. Battery ParkSoHo in spring

Since we’re talking about food, here are a few NYC treats we got in SoHo lately:

Momofuku Milk Bar cereal milk soft serve

Cereal milk soft serve from Momofuku Milk Bar — it’s kind of salty and savory. Like leftover milk in your breakfast bowl when you’re trying to be an “adult” and “healthy” and get the non-sweetened package of corn flakes at the store. It’s definitely different, but after a few licks I came to accept it, and a few more licks later I became a bit addicted. It’s great for a hot summer day! We also tried their root beer float soft serve the other day, and it brought up all kinds of road trip memories from Montana.

Momofuku Milk Bar

A little pastrami bomb also from Momofuku Milk Bar! I can’t remember what it tasted like, I know it was good and it surely looks cute!

Washington Square ParkSpring blossoms

Happy Weekend, everyone! It’s almost June!