Lublyou this week

I make weekly lists, featuring some of the things and moments I loved the most over the past seven days. I’ve been calling it “Lublyou this week”, because “lublyou” is Russian for “I love”.

This week I loved:

1. My American Anniversary

Montana Bozeman Hilton Garden InnMontana

Exactly 7 years ago I stepped onto this continent for the first time. It’s the 7th anniversary of my landing in New York City! It all feels like last week: my school friend and I, both 20, on a summer break, heading to Montana with wide-open eyes, point-and-shoot cameras, and zero idea about the kinds of adventures that were waiting ahead of us. I couldn’t possibly imagine how much my life was going to change and how 7 years later I’d be writing about it from New York City, where it all started back in May 2008.

2. Russian Forest Pizza / Purple Pizza

Russian Forest pizza

Ben’s newest invention – Russian Forest Pizza/Purple Pizza with chicken, dill, beet leaves, sour cream sauce, eggplant, red onion, white cheese and blackberries! He also made the dough from scratch with a little bit of honey. The dill sprigs remind me of trees, and I love the purple details! It’s the most delicious pizza I’ve ever had, and it was the best dinner aroma to come home to.

Russian Purple pizza

3. Georgetown Cupcakes

Georgetown cupcakes

One of my co-workers had a birthday and we celebrated with these famous cupcakes! I’m not usually a cupcake person, I think there is too much dough in them, just like in cakes, muffins and other baked goods. It was my first ever Georgetown cupcake, and I can certainly see the appeal! The frosting on top was worth the struggle through the dough.

4. New and old coffee shops

Irving farm coffeeamerican two shot

The best in the category of “short break, coffee run” award goes to Café Integral this week. It’s a tiny coffee bar inside the American Two Shot store on Grand street. The interior is a mixture of white, pastel and neon, their coffee is strong and the clothes on the racks are gorgeous yet totally impractical for my lifestyle. I wish I could prance around in a see-through baby blue cloud-like dress covered in daisies, but it will have to wait, since I’m currently only looking to expand my office wardrobe.

My “favorite chai latte spots” list welcomed a new member this week, too. Congratulations to Double Dutch Espresso in Harlem! Lots of exposed brick, vintage mirrors and gold frames, thick and smooth chai, just like at Lenox Coffee and The Chipped Cup… oh, they are all by the same owner! They are like identical triplets hiding throughout Harlem and pretending not to know each other. But the delicious chai foam gave them up.

We also revisited Irving Farm on UWS, discovered Max Coffee near Columbia University, and I finally convinced Emma to try a Starbucks frappuccino. She survived. She had a mini one without whipped cream!

5. This SoHo view


I love you, New York City!