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Diner at 85 Broadway, Brooklyn is one of our favorite brunch places in the city. My friend Emma’s roommate works as a chef there, and he’s very creative when it comes to the brunch menu – it changes every week! If we lived closer I’d just go there every weekend to make sure I didn’t miss anything delicious.

Over the past few months I’ve tried various egg dishes, toasts, sweet treats and savory specials. My favorites have been the mini cream-filled doughnuts (of course!) and all of the sandwiches, which is so uncharacteristic — I’m usually not a fan of breads stuffed with meats.

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Since the food options change daily, there are no printed menus. As coffee is being poured, all of the daily specials are written on the table liner. It’s a bit confusing the first time around, because you have to remember the details of each dish right away as the waiter scribbles down brief notes. When in doubt, get a sandwich! And doughnuts.

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After brunch, we usually stroll through Williamsburg, stopping for coffee at a cafe or bringing the drinks to one of the parks with panoramic views of Manhattan. There are endless coffee shop options in this neighborhood, but I especially like Sweatshop and Bakeri.

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Look how perfectly we accidentally lined up. If I had only known to bend my arm, we’d have made a train:

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