we had to break up to fall in love again

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We flew back in New York last Friday, and got immediately caught up in a vortex of wonderful yet hard-to-forget-about-jet-lag events.

I naively made a decision to postpone buying a 30-day unlimited metrocard and opted for a smaller pre-paid one, planning to spend the first week closer to home. Unpacking, sleeping, sorting through the emails and photos, editing, writing out a big 2015 plan and just getting to the point where I know what I’m doing with my life this year.

Apparently, strategy is not fated to happen. I’ve been to Brooklyn every single day since we’ve been back, I’ve had the most unexpected offers and ideas pop up in my inbox, I had to postpone some others which seemed certain before, I start every day with zero idea about my schedule, and every evening I feel a bit surprised at how it all turned out.

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To pull myself out of this whirlwind for a second, I want to look back at the vacation and tell everyone how much I loved it back in Russia this winter.

You might say “Pff, Of course.” While I agree, what’s not to like about a vacation visiting family for Christmas + New Years? But I loved it in a different way this time.

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When I was younger and I’d come back to Moscow after traveling some place, I usually felt disappointed and slightly depressed. It’s normal to feel this way coming back to a routine and the world of responsibilities. Especially during the dark winter months.

After I moved across the ocean a couple of years ago, trips back home became a rare treat that I really looked forward to. But I didn’t really care much for visiting Russia or Moscow in particular, I wanted to see my family and I would be happy enough to spend my whole vacation at home with them. And again, winter – I try to visit for New Years, which seems to be a great excuse for the indoors activities.

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Something changed this year. There’s no question my family was my priority. The longer I live away, the more I miss them. The longer I live abroad the more I get detached from the routine and reality of the everyday life I used to have. 3 years have passed and I’m now allowed to see the familiar city from a new perspective – like a tourist!

Moscow granted me access to an unseen chapter. In January I felt like it was spring and the air was so sweet that I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted to taste everything, walk through every arch and alley, come closer and look at every detail and carving on the walls, walk far away across the river and try to grasp the whole panorama. I’ve never seen this city before and I was thirsty for new discoveries.

When I lived there, I was tired of it and bored with it, I needed to leave to get a chance to appreciate it as I hadn’t before.

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Мы вернулись в Нью-Йорк! Здесь хорошо, гораздо теплее, чем в Москве, каждый день случаются ужины и посиделки в кругу друзей, концерты, прогулки и подобные развлечения. От перелёта отдохнуть совсем не получилось, водоворот активности нас сразу с аэропорта засосал. Однако, я продолжаю думать о Москве.

В этом году случилось что-то совершенно для меня неожиданное: мне очень понравилось в Москве.

Мне всегда нравится туда возвращаться, потому что там – семья, праздники, родной дом, пельмени, знакомые лица, отпуск… Но за годы, прожитые в Москве, для меня потускнело её очарование, город превратился в место, где царит рутина. Учёба, работа, дела, дела, ещё дела, автобусы и метро, очереди, почта, поликлиника, лифты, кассы, пробки. Мне понадобилось почти три года постоянного проживания за океаном, чтобы стряхнуть всю эту пыль.

Москва повернулась ко мне новой стороной в этом году, и я не могла оторвать от неё глаз. Я до сих пор нахожусь под глубочайшим впечатлением, и жду наших новых встреч и прогулок. Это так замечательно, что в мире нет ничего постоянного, и во всём “старом” всегда можно найти что-то новое!


11 responses to “we had to break up to fall in love again”

  1. Martha says:

    What beautiful pictures! It sounds like you had an amazing time. Isn’t it wonderful how a little time away gives you a fresh perspective on a place? :)

  2. Katia says:

    It has been so wonderful to see your photos of Russia on instagram during your trip – it is so different from anything I’ve ever experienced, having lived most my life in North America. Beautiful stuff!

    I had the same experience when I moved to Paris, even though 5 months is hardly as long as 3 years away! But I am newly infatuated with my home city and have a huge appreciation for it, even though it’s easy to fall back into less-appreciative habits!

  3. Elif says:

    Moscow seems incredible and as I have clearly seen from your photos on Instagram and now from the photos here, it just simply looks amazing during Winter. I’m glad you enjoyed every single minute of it :)

    • Katie says:

      I used to dislike winter in Russia because it’s so long and cold. But now I really appreciate how it’s a real winter with all the snow, ice and frost! Thank you, Elif!

  4. Totally loved this post. Gives you a total different perspective when you have been away from somewhere for so long, what a nice feeling that must be. lovely images, the archeciture is just something else.

    Buckets & Spades

  5. Hannah G. says:

    My new goal is to visit with you sometime. I have no doubt you’re the best tourguide, lovely lady!

  6. Emily S says:

    Wow! How beautiful!! I would love to visit Russia someday :)

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