The happiest weekend + Birthday celebrations

The month of lights, snow and feasts is here! For us it’s also the month of birthdays, travel and family gatherings. As I’m typing this, the city outside of my window is rapidly changing. The morning rain turned into light white fluff and the wind is swirling it around like a winter milkshake all over the street.

Ladurée NYC

I’ve mentioned more than once that I’m really looking forward to seeing New York turn into a snowy wonderland. But even more than that, I’m excited about waking up on a Sunday to hold hands with my darling and stroll along the brisk and quiet Central Park trails for our traditional sweet date.

Every December growing up I’d watch “Home Alone 2” and imagine seeing New York during the holidays and Central Park being icy and magical… preferably under less frightening circumstances! I can’t believe I’m actually here now. Central Park is just around the corner and will be all snowy someday soon! // Central Park // Ladurée // Central Park // Ladurée Central // Central Park // Ladurée Central Park
Wearing: Beaunie // ASOS, Jacket // From Russia, Skirt // LOFT (now on sale!), Boots // Madewell (now on sale!), Ben’s hat // H&M (similar), coat // Pendleton

We did have our treat last Sunday, but our Central Park dates have been getting frostier and shorter. We pretty quickly left our picnic spot and got on a bus, which took us on a glimmering ride along the festive Madison avenue. // New York Madison // NYC Christmasnyc_christmas2

Last weekend we celebrated Benjamin’s birthday! I was looking forward to it for so long, I was probably more excited about it than the birthday guy himself. I was free on Friday, so I spent most of the day making a cake tower with sweetened condensed milk and raspberries, and painting a birthday card with a view of colorful Central Park and some of our favorite buildings in the background.

In the evening, when Ben opened his presents and read all of the cards, we had a dinner, just the two of us. But we didn’t stay alone for too long – the same night we headed to Brooklyn for V.K.Rees Holiday party. It was so much fun, back-at-home-at-2-am-again fun! // Birthday cake

On Saturday it was raining. Maybe it’s just me, but I always love rainy weekend mornings because their rhythm on the windows and the gloomy light relaxes every single muscle and thought in my body. The bed and the pillow feel a thousand times fluffier and ask me to stay just a little longer. And I always do.

When we finally got up (read: hunger won over the desire to stay in bed the whole weekend), I took Ben on a secret adventure to Lower Manhattan. After a long wait in a line of umbrellas on the street, then an even longer winding trail to the sign “Order Sandwiches Here” and an endless search for a table, Ben was finally rewarded with two of his favorites: a Reuben and a Pastrami sandwich from Katz’s Delicatessen! No matter where we are dining, if Reuben is on the menu, Ben will get it. Naturally, when I saw pictures of the giant sandwiches at Katz’s created with their famous homemade meats and pickles, I knew it was perfect. // Katz's // Katz's // Katz's Delicatessen // Katz's Delicatessen

На прошлой неделе мы отпраздновали день рождения Бена! Я приготовила торт с кремом из сгущенки и малины, после ужина вдвоём дома мы поехали на рождественскую вечеринку к Ванессе, где собралось много знакомых за последние месяцы работы в студии лиц. Было так весело, что домой мы добрались далеко за полночь.

В субботу мы поехали на обед в Katz’s Deli (“Деликатесы Каца”), где с 1888 года готовят знаменитые бутерброды “Рубен” с пастромой, которую Бен очень сильно любит. Бутерброды были гигантские, мясо таяло во рту, и всё это конечно же стоило длинной очереди под дождём. Сюрприз удался!

А воскресенье мы традиционно провели в Центральном парке с пирожным из Ladurée. У меня в голове всё чаще всплывают сцены из “Один Дома 2”, и я надеюсь, что в следующее воскресенье мы наконец увидим Парк в его зимнем уборе.