Oregon coast with the family

I’ve been delaying this post for as long as I could because it’s very bittersweet. Today I finally went through my “Oregon” folder and relived all of the captured moments once again. I really miss my family and now when I’m done with the vacation posts I have to face the fact that they left 2 weeks ago. I will not give up so easily, and I decided to print a photobook with the trip photos, too!  I’m looking forward to sorting through the photos again and including more pictures of the family in this project. #livingfarawayfromhomeishard

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After our mountain adventures and visits to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks we met with Ben’s parents and went on a double family vacation to Oregon coast.

We stayed at Fantasea vacation rental in Lincoln City, OR and I’d be happy to go back again. We kind of blindly picked the place online, we were booking only 2 weeks in advance and it was really hard to find a big enough place in a good location on such a short notice. The house was huge, it’s just a block away from the beach and deer frequent its front lawn!

We didn’t do much on this last part of our grand trip: we ate seafood, collected agates on the beach during low tide, took scenic drives along the coast, watched the colorful sunsets, and the seals playing in the waves. Just what I imagine the perfect family time to be like. I’m actually surprised we didn’t visit the coast earlier during our two years in the Northwest.

It was very cold and windy the first day and I couldn’t believe I brought along two pairs of summer shorts! 55F on the coast accompanied by the freezing breeze felt very refreshing after 90F inland. Luckily, the coast gods were very kind to us and the weather changed for the better overnight, so the shorts weren’t the worst idea after all! It still would have been smarter to bring more layers and pants, no real need for the beach clothes.

A few food notes: local clam chowder is a must (we ate at Mo’s Restaurant the first night after arrival), so are fresh oysters (we got them at Safeway and those were the freshest and juiciest oysters I’ve ever bought at a grocery store.)  Our house had a huge kitchen and an outdoor grill — with so many cooks in the family that was the perfect arrangement.

By the end of the trip, both Ben and I were convinced that we wanted to live in some place that has both an ocean coast and a mountain backdrop. Now we need to figure out if such place exists and when we can move there.


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  1. Cat says:

    I love Lincoln City! It is my favorite city on the Oregon coast. It can be painfully cold and windy at times, but it is gorgeous and peaceful.

    I spent a few months studying in Chile, and it has the coast and mountains! Depending on where you are, you can spend the early morning walking on the beach and be skiing in the Andes by noon — in most places it is less than three hours from mountains to coast.

    • Katie says:

      Yes, peaceful is the right word I was looking for! Lincoln City is so beautiful and so wide, open and quiet! Studying in Chile must be so fun! It’s definitely on my to-visit list along with Argentina and Peru!

  2. Speaking of vacation calling photos…look at these beauties! I love the ocean, and I love sunsets.

    Also, your blog. :)



  3. isn’t the oregon coast magical? i’m with you–give me a beach and some mountains in the same place…let me know when you find the place :) all of your pictures are beautiful!

  4. Angela says:

    Wonderful pics! I absolutely love the Oregon coast. When I was younger, we stayed somewhere in southern Oregon and to this day it’s probably the prettiest place I’ve ever been! So peaceful there too. I agree, living away from family gets really tough.

    Ha, I just saw that someone else commented about how peaceful that area is–yes, exactly!

    • Katie says:

      Thank you, Angela! It’s very peaceful, I absolutely agree with this! I couldn’t find the right word to sum it up but now I know it’s definitely “peaceful”! I want to go and explore other towns along the coast and spend more time looking for the tide pool creatures and agates! What an amazing place <3

  5. emi says:

    gorgeous! just from the title of this post i knew i’d love it, ADORE the oregon coast.
    xo welltraveledwife.com

  6. Miss Angie says:

    The Oregon coast is one of my absolute favorite places. It’s so beautiful!

    You’re so good at your photography, I find I kind of suck at it now that I have a nice camera. blah.

  7. Mark says:

    I too have a soft spot for Lincoln City. We visited there so often when I was young. I need to go back and take my own kids there soon.

  8. Lake Lenore Caves says:

    Our family loves the Oregon Coast and your awesome photos show just why that is. What a great trip it looks like you had. Family memories that will last forever.

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