no more green card (plus goose eggs!)

I don’t have a green card anymore! Yep, they took it away. Here’s the story.

I mentioned it earlier here, my 2 year temporary card was going to expire in July, so I applied for a new one in April. In return all of the applicants get a letter with a receipt and a one-year card extension while the documents are being processed.  Well, I didn’t get it, it probably got lost in the mail. At my biometrics appointment a month later at the Spokane USCIS office I was told not to worry and wait.

Another month later we went to Spokane again to stamp my passport, as I read online, to give me some proof of being legal after my card expires. A very nice lady officer took all of my documents, looked me up on the computer, put a stamp in my passport and when we were almost done she said: “Oh, and I keep this, haha!” taking away my green card. I didn’t expect that. Usually people get a receipt in the mail and carry it around with their expired cards. Not only did I not get one but they also took away my green card!? I mean, thinking about it later, it makes total sense, why do I need it if it expires in two weeks anyways? But as I was leaving the office I was so lost and upset that I just wanted to cry. A few tears even rolled down my cheeks, to Ben’s confusion.

I guess being an immigrant for the past 2 years has made me super paperwork- and document-conscious. I need to always know where my documents are, what expires when, where to check the status, when to reapply for stuff, what to carry around with me and how to explain to people what this or that card says or means. When I left my residency card behind I felt bare and vulnerable to even walk down the street. It took me some time to calm down and convince myself that nothing has changed, it was just a card, I’ll get a different one sometime later. Hopefully before my stamp expires, haha.

On a good note, the same day, Ben and I ran out to get some whole30 snacks at the nearest healthy foods store, and Ben found something that made me jump to the ceiling with excitement – goose eggs! I carried them each in one hand all the way back to work and then home, like a treasure. I shouldn’t have worried about their safety so much, they are actually pretty hard to break, I had to struggle for a bit this morning. They are so huge and I liked their taste better that the duck eggs we had back in April. Next on my egg list – pheasant, emu and ostrich eggs. Any ideas where I can get them? I also read somewhere that in some Scandinavian countries and in Great Britain people eat gulls eggs. I’m thrilled.

Не прошло и двух лет, а у меня уже забрали грин карту. Правда, я тут всё ещё легально, у неё истекал срок годности, и новая карточка должна прилететь через пару месяцев-полгода. Но всё равно, без гринки сейчас себя чувствую, как без одежды. Я даже прослезилась при расставании, потому что оно было для меня неожиданным, и я такая эмоциональная. Так странно: мы всегда и везде были вместе, а теперь мне не нужно перекладывать её из сумки в сумку, показывать в ресторанах и аэропортах и переживать, что я там на себя не похожа. Теперь снова возвращаюсь к российскому паспорту, там у меня новый красный штамп, где написано, что я резидент.

Чтобы мне было не грустно, судьба мне послала неожиданную встречу в магазине – гусиные яйца! Мы уже наелись утиных в апреле, так что само собой размер должен со временем увеличиваться. Гусиные яйца не разочаровали, они мне даже больше понравились. Такое яйцо даже разбить – целое приключение! Следующие в списке – эму и страус. Где бы их взять?

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  1. Laura says:

    hope you get everything sorted out:-) and these are pretty pictures:-) x

  2. Katia says:

    Oh I imagine that would be somewhat stressful! I felt similarly about always having documents safe and sound with me when I was in Europe. Simply because you never know! I’m sure yours is fine though, sounds as though you’ve made all the right efforts/steps to it being ok :)

    I haven’t ever thought about trying eggs other than chicken! Maybe I should give it a go!!

    • Katie says:

      Yes, that’s exactly how I feel! I hope my documentless season doesn’t last too long.
      How do you like it back home? What are you up to this summer? It’s kind of awesome that the summer starts just now right after you’ve already had so many adventures.
      Eggs… I think we’re on a quest here! We can’t stop now, I have to taste all of them 😀 And I’m not really a fan of eggs, we eat them almost every morning on whole30 and I’m already tired of them.

  3. Martha says:

    I don’t blame you for being kind of freaked out! That lady doesn’t sound very nice, either. Hopefully everything arrives soon. :)

    • Katie says:

      Thank you, Martha, I hope so too! The lady is fine, I’m sure, but unlike her I was too stressed out to find fun in this situation. :-)

  4. Zhenya says:

    Не расстраивайся! It’s weird though, because I have my old one, and the work permit! Saving them for a scrap book I guess :) Haha


  5. I’m not sure about emu and ostrich eggs but I know at most asian markets you can get pheasant eggs.

  6. Gulls as in seagulls? I’ve never heard of this and I live in GB, unless it’s a think that used to happen? I’m not keen on Duck eggs actually, something about them never tastes right to me.

    Hope all this card thing gets sorted, it sounds quite harsh.

    Buckets & Spades

    • Katie says:

      I agree, the duck eggs were a bit weird, especially now when I can compare them to the goose eggs. Yes, according to the Internet, you people over there eat seagull eggs hahah I need to go back and personally check.

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