Spokane weekend and the killer cat

Lublyou picnic Lublyou: a squirrel in Manito park in Spokane WALublyou: picnic in Manito parkLublyou Jenny's Diner Spokane WA Lublyou: Jenny's Diner Spokane WA

The stupidest thing happened to me earlier this week, well, just like pretty much every week for the last few months  – has anyone out there cursed me by any chance? Please, take it back, I’m getting tired of it.

I was in the garden when Uno the cat came by and started rolling in hay between the raised beds. A straw got stuck in his eye and he couldn’t get it out, I was worried he’d poke himself, so I rushed to help. I got the straw out of his eye eventually, but the cat poured all of his rage on me instead of the hay stick and scratched my hand. No big deal, I’ve been scratched by cats a thousand times in my life! I decided to go home and wash it with soap just because it all happened in the garden and there was dirt everywhere. Washed and forgot. Till the next day when my hand got all swollen, red and miserable. WHY?!

Ben didn’t let me wait for too long – the next day we went to a doctor and I got my jar of antibiotics. I’m doing way better now and I’m avoiding the killer cat. He also dug a huge hole and left his stinky treasures in my flower box today. The killer cat must be confused, we used to be friends!

On a good note, the photos are from our weekend in Spokane with Lanette and Ben. We had a huge picnic feast in Manito park. The park is amazing, it’s huge, green and has those perfect hills that let you hide from the walking paths and have a meadow all to your own party. The same night we were in the center of a detective scene: there was a car that hit a tree, lots of police lights, sirens and “Stay inside your homes, stay away from the windows” announcements, dogs chasing people – everything right under our windows! This definitely added some urban spice to our calm getaway from Sandpoint. I hate to admit it, but it was exciting! The next morning we had our last huge breakfast before the whole30 at a diner. They knew how to cook a good French toast!

Наконец добралась до фотографий с позапрошлых выходных, которые мы провели с друзьями в городе Spokane штат Вашингтон. Не знаю, Спокэн или Спокан – последнее звучит глуповато, но Википедия настаивает на “а”.

Но это не важно, а важно то, что у них превосходные парки, особенно Манито, напротив которого живут наши друзья. Этот парк очень зелёный, просторный и холмистый, в нём легко можно найти спокойное и солнечное место для пикника вдали от посторонних глаз (и детей!)

А воскресное утро мы провели за завтраком в американском дайнере, где готовят прекраснейшие французские тосты. Я вообще не понимаю, как можно заказывать “одно яйцо, две полоски бекона, две сосики”, когда ты оказываешься в дайнере. Нужно непременно брать французские тосты с голубикой, клубникой и сиропом, ну или хотя бы вафли или оладья! У меня очень хорошее воображение, и я за такими разговорами уже проголодалась. Пора спать, чтобы завтрак скорее настал. До связи!

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10 responses to “Spokane weekend and the killer cat”

  1. Dina says:

    Oh my gosh so sorry that cat was so terrible!

    I hope you are feeling better now! geez!

    Glad you had a nice time in Spokane! Still have never been there but someday we’ll go for a visit. I have family there…………we just never made it that far into WA.

    Beautiful photos as always!

    • Katie says:

      Thank you, Dina! The pills are pure magic (although I’d rather not to take them), my hand looks way better today! Spokane is really nice, especially if you have someone to visit there and to show you where the best places are. Ben and I used to dislike this city and rarely go there, but then we met our fun friends and now we love Spokane :-) If/when you come to visit Spokane you should take a drive up to Sandpoint, too, it’s really beautiful here!

  2. Lanette says:

    Yeah that was exciting, all the drama unfolding outside our window… glad we’re getting out of this neighborhood soon, haha!

    Ah that picnic, I could have that exact one every single day this summer, but then I’d really be rolling down the hill.


    • Katie says:

      It was officially one of the best picnics possible! Don’t even mind rolling down the hill after it. haha VERY excited to explore your new neighborhood (and those cafes!) with you later this summer!

  3. So sorry to hear about the cat incident! Hope your hand is much better now. The picnic looks lovely and yummy.

    • Katie says:

      Thank you, it’s way better now! I’m glad we didn’t wait any longer and decided to go see a doctor. I’m trying to avoid the cat now, although, last night he was sleeping on his back with his huge and furry belly up, we rubbed it carefully and he started purring! It was adorable. He’s still the killer cat, tough.

  4. Such bright and happy photos :)
    I have to say…that squirrel looks scary. Squirrels scare me so I would have run in the opposite direction rather than snapping a photo of it ha you’re brave

    • Katie says:

      Haha we actually fed it to make it come closer to our picnic :-) It didn’t really think much of the butternut squash chips, but loved the organic cranberries!

  5. Martha says:

    Manito is beautiful! Yikes, that kitty is definitely confused…hopefully he’ll remember that you’re one of the “good guys” next time :)

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