I need 7 Saturdays every week

It’s only Saturday, but the weekend has been fantastic so far. We had a huge family brunch at DiLuna’s, Ben had six cups of coffee, two at a time, but that’s a different story… Then we almost bought chicks and spent at least half an hour awwing at the little fluffy balls under the heating lamps. Ben’s dad wasn’t so thrilled and even though we were 5 against 1, we ended up stocking up on pumpkin, asparagus and lettuce seeds and no birds this time.

In the afternoon Ben and I took a walk to the beach and made a wish under a rainbow. We also made a wish under the rain a bit later, running back to the car. I love this spring weather! When we got home everyone went to the bowling alley and I stayed at home. I sometimes like being on my own, and it rarely happens anymore. Plus to be honest, I’ve never gone bowling and I’m super silly and competitive, so I felt like avoiding the challenge today. Instead I baked salmon with pesto, made beef and cabbage soup, unpacked my summer clothes and had a private little runway show, and took a quick stroll at the garden to see if there were any signs of spring there (psss! yes, there were!!)

Happy Sunday, everyone!