Nicole: Maligne Canyon in Jasper National Park

As I prepare to settle into another long, chilly winter in the Canadian Rockies, I find myself dreading the eyelash freezing weather and the early darkness. So I thought, rather than focusing on the wickedly cold winds and the darkness to come, a great way to prepare myself for a fantastic winter season would be to highlight my “winter happy place.”

So here it is, folks: Maligne Canyon, right here in Jasper National Park.

My first time to the canyon was early last winter, when it had just frozen over. I was on a guided tour with a group of tourists. They were there as part of their holidays, while I was there so I could write a story about the experience for a newspaper in Edmonton, Alta. While trouncing around in massive rubber boots decked out with ice cleats, I found myself in one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever seen. It’s truly a winter wonderland. Beneath your feet is a frozen river bed. Surrounding you are icicles and ice formations formed out of waterfalls that rush during the summer season.

After that first visit, I returned at least a handful of times last winter and each time the canyon looked completely different. The freezing and thawing of the Maligne River, Bridal Falls and Angel Falls makes for a spectacular sight each and every time I ventured inside. The colour of the ice changed. The thickness of the ice changed. The amount of ice changed. The formations changed. Everything is constantly changing in there, and all of those changes are spectacular to behold. Seriously, guys, it’s a phenomenal place.

So, why not come visit me?! I’d gladly be your tour guide.

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Nicole, what an amazing place! I remember your post with photos from last winter, and I hope you get to go to the canyon a lot this season, too. I’d love to come tour with you, maybe one day when I don’t need a visa to cross the border 😉

Happy-place call for everyone: send me an email (mulberrymelody-at-gmail-dot-com) with your Happy Place story and a few photos, I’ll be happy to read it and publish here on Chestnut Mocha!

– Katie

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  1. loulou says:

    Oh my … I’ve just added Jasper National Park to my ‘Must Go’ list. I too am not overly eager to greet the cold that is coming our way. It’s only been a few days of freezing here so far and it’s enough! Thanks for showing me that winter doesn’t have to be miserable in Canada.

  2. I can see why this is her happy place. The thought of a place changing every time you visit is fascinating.

  3. Thanks again for having me, Katie. I hope one day you’ll venture my way in the winter, so I can take you on an adventure through the canyon!


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