Glacier National Park: Saint Mary Lake

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Last week I wrote about our recent road trip to Glacier National Park and promised to continue with “Part 2” later. So today I edited the photos from the “East” side of our adventures – St. Mary Lake! As I wrote earlier, on Friday night we hung out with the wedding party near Big Fork, MT, almost got eaten by a bear and slept under the stars; on Saturday Ben and I explored the West part of the park together and met lots more furry friends.

Glacier NP lake
Glacier NP St. Mary lake
Glacier park Montana

Finally, on Sunday our wonderful friend Sam joined us, and we headed East. We drove along the Going to the Sun Road, spotted a few more mountain goats, drank lots of iced coffee and huckleberry lemonade, talked about everything in the world, made future plans together, and went to Saint Mary Lake. We took a hike to St. Mary waterfalls, but decided that wasn’t enough and continued walking down to the beach. It’s a breathtaking place: the water looks so deep and the colors are incredibly vivid. It feels like it’s calling you to just drop your backpack, the camera, and anything else you brought from the outside world, and just jump into this melted glacier between the rising mountains. I even walked out on the dock and stood at the very tip of it trying to look into the lake waves, but they just kept rolling with the wind. I still have a living picture of this place in my head as I’m writing this. Once you’ve been there you keep wanting to go back.
Saint Mary lake hike Glacier
St Mary lake Glacier national park
St Mary lake Montana

After spending what seemed like forever at the beach we continued the hike along the edge of the lake, climbing higher and higher, and stopping every step to take photos and videos. All three of us are in love with everything photography related, and of course we brought many different cameras on this trip. Sam even got a few special packs of rainbow polaroid film, and we just snapped our way through the park! I also need to develop film from my little Golden Half, I might wait a little bit just to surprise myself with the photos later. We also recorded lots of short videos and hopefully one day I’ll have enough time to sort and edit those. Now when we actually have Final Cut Pro I have no excuses.

Glacier NP park entrance sign
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