picnic lunch in the yard

Wed, October 31 2012

picnic lunch
October picnic
Ben and I have lunch together every day. We eat in one of our favorite cafes downtown, order to-go lunch and eat in a park, eat lunch at home and cuddle on a couch or when the weather is good we go out to the yard and have a picnic. I love yard meals! After leaving in a city for most of my life I really appreciate how close to nature I am in Sandpoint.

It was one of those chilly but sunny days and we took our chance to have a quick fresh air lunch. I made a kale-potato soup, baked lemon muffins, we picked a spot with many yellow leaves and even invited Uno the cat to join us. I loved it! It’s been raining every day since then but I hope we’ll get another chance to dine outside soon. I’ll need more layers, though.
picnic in leaves

cat with a tote bag
cat//Uno; Polaroid//SX-70; tote bag// c/o jesslope

jesslope tote bag
Feenix Polish
spectra polaroid