Pear Doughnuts with Blueberry Glaze

Mon, June 6 2016

I wanted to bake something fruity, summery, and colorful — but I also wanted donuts. To compromise, I came up with this idea for pear doughnuts with blueberry glaze. All it takes is one ripe pear for sunny orchard flavor, a bunch of blueberries, and 15 minutes of kitchen time!

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Ben’s Shrimp and Grits

Wed, May 11 2016

It’s Ben this time. Katie asked if I would talk about shrimp and grits, because it’s now among the things (like hot dogs and quiche) on my list of “tasty things for men.” The list was jokingly created because I was trying to explain to Katie and her friend Emma why I loved burritos so […]

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Coffee Doughnuts

Mon, March 21 2016

It all started with me buying a doughnut pan and discovering that it only takes 15 minutes of my time and minimum clean up afterwards to produce a batch of freshly baked, soft inside and shiny with glaze outside, irresistible doughnuts. My list of possible flavors and toppings is growing each and every day, but […]

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Rhubarb Chocolate Babka

Sun, March 20 2016

I haven’t had or heard of rhubarb until 3 years ago when I moved to North Idaho. My parents-in-law had the biggest rhubarb bushes in front of their house, and I became their frequent harvester. This spring (it’s currently snowing outside, but let’s just stick to the calendar here), I wanted to try something different […]

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