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Sun, February 7 2016

Chinese New Year recipes from Lucky Rice

Chinese New Year recipes

One of my recent projects was to style and photograph the Chinese New Year recipes from Lucky Rice cookbook by Danielle Chang. Chinese New Year starts on February 8, and this is the Year of Fire Monkey.

(I went on to see what exactly the fire monkey brings us this year and got lost reading everyone’s horoscopes for awhile.)

Here’s what I made:

Malaysian Bone Tea Soup

Malaysian Bone Tea Soup

I spent long time wandering around Chinatown in search of the ingredients for this dish: I’ve never heard of things like angelica root and Sichuan lovage rhizome before. Extra time spent reading all the boxes and packages paid off with a few great discoveries for other uses, though. I now have a bottle of delicious sweet soy sauce! Get the recipe.

Sichuanese Spicy Fish Casserole

Sichuanese Spicy Fish Casserole

Apparently, serving a whole fish symbolizes a wish for wealth and prosperity. It cooks very quickly and looks festive! Get the recipe.

Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken

Taiwanese Three-Cup Chicken

This was the easiest recipe to love: familiar and delicious chicken. I also loved Chinatown’s chicken prices: $.94/lb for dark leg meat! Get the recipe.

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Fri, December 25 2015

Happy Holidays + Peppermint Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It’s 4PM on Christmas Day in New York City as I’m writing this now from our new apartment overlooking a wide avenue with rows of brownstones; it’s getting dark and I’m snuggling in my new furry robe, a gift from Benjamin, and sipping a foamy chai latte.

The last few months have been a real marathon, searching for a new apartment, moving in, catching cold, doing immigration interviews and collecting mountains of paperwork, working, working, working, studying, getting ready for the holidays and planning a trip home to Russia, and much more. It’s still too early to relax, I have plenty of work and errands to do next week, but we’re almost at the finish line.

I wish everyone reading the most wonderful holiday season, and I hope to see you here in the New Year!

But before I go, here’s a sweet treat. I made and photographed these Peppermint Chocolate Sandwich Cookies for Tastebook. I wanted to bake something simple but still very decorative, and the chocolate and candy cane filled star seemed like the way to go. You can get my recipe and detailed instructions on Tastebook’s blog. // Holiday Chocolate Candy Cane // Peppermint chocolate sandwich cookies

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Sun, November 29 2015

Roll, fill, wrap, repeat


Blink-blink-blink: days fly by and I’m caught in between the glimpses that twirl, swirl and sparkle in my crazy life kaleidoscope. The only constant thing that helps me stay grounded is food. I love coming home in the evenings and making dinners; I cherish lazy weekend mornings in the kitchen spent baking or flipping pancakes; I feel immediately relaxed just by browsing through the pages of new cookbooks on the couch; and nothing beats a sunny stroll along the farmer’s market rows early on a Saturday.

Manty dumplingsSleepy HollowManty steamed dumplingsSleepy Hollow NYSleepy Hollow fall

Dress // vintage (similar) • Snood // Accessorize (similar) • Bag // UO (similar) • Boots // Madewell

Manty steamed pork dumplings

Bamboo steamer • Black plates and platter

I made these Tartar Steamed Dumplings (“Manty”) using a recipe from Olia Hercules’ cookbook Mamushka. For my filling, I used equal parts of ground lamb and pork belly. Next time I’ll line my bamboo steamer with a piece of parchment paper or maybe a lettuce leaf – simply brushing it with oil didn’t do the trick for me and after 25 minutes of cooking, some of the dumplings got stuck to the bottom. I made 3 batches and froze some for future quick dinners. Last night I dropped a few frozen manty into a pot of boiling turkey soup and discovered a new favorite recipe!

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Sun, November 8 2015

Magic Garden in the City // Botanical Garden in // Bunnies under a tree // Russian // Botanical Garden New York // Magical // Bronx Botanical // New York Botanical Garden // Rose Garden New // Garden // Magic Garden Watercolor

Benjamin and I went up to The New York Botanical Garden in The Bronx recently. It’s a short trip north from Manhattan but it felt like an escape to the nature, especially when we strolled deeper into the forest, away from the main pavilions and exhibitions.

We did see the Frida Kahlo collection, but I quickly got tired of the crowds. Finding a sunny green hill with benches overlooking a rose garden was my favorite part of the day. We sat up there for awhile and watched people, birds and butterflies wandering through a little blooming kingdom below us.

Пару недель назад, когда листья на деревьях всё ещё были зелёными, мы поехали в Бронкс, в Нью-Йоркский Ботанический Сад.

Мы планировали провести день среди лугов и лесов, но вдруг оказались в очереди, поднимающейся по лестнице в галлерею с работами Фриды Кало. Затем мы попали в следующее здание с оранжереями и разноцветными горшками с кактусами, как в саду у Фриды в Мексике. При выходе, толпа нас унесла на танцевальное представление в ритмах Центальной Америки…

Всё это было прекрасно, но в итоге мы-таки убежали по тропинке в лес и оказались на противоположной стороне сада. Там мы расположились на лавочке на залитом солнцем зелёном холме и долго наблюдали за разноцветным хороводом посетителей, птиц и бабочек, кружащих среди разноцветных кустов роз.

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