Wed, August 27, 2014

Sandpoint Idaho Fair AlpacasSandpoint Bonner County FairSandpoint Idaho Fair cowBonner County Fair IdahoSandpoint Idaho Fair pigSandpoint fair mini pigSandpoint Fair curly friesSandpoint LublyouBonner County Fairgrounds

It’s official, we have six days left in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Everything we do this week gets labeled as “the Last”.

This is the last time we hiked the Gold Hill and had a picnic on the top of the mountain overlooking the lake.
This is the last time we had production meeting at work and got the double stamps for the vanilla chai lattes.
This is the last time we pick up film prints from the Image Maker.

As our last weekend in Idaho is rapidly approaching I’m sure the “last” game will get even more ridiculous.

So, this was the last time we went to the Sandpoint Fair. Going to the fair is like visiting the zoo which we don’t have in North Idaho: we saw bunnies, alpacas, pigs, mini goats, sheep, we ate fried food and drank Italian sodas… and I got to pet a mini pig! It was awesome. It was the last time I got to pet a mini pig at the Sandpoint Fair! You see, it’s already getting ridiculous. I’d better start packing now.

Осталось 6 дней до отъезда, поэтому мы начинаем сентиментальничать и играть в игру “это последний раз”. Например:

Это последний раз, когда мы пообедаем на вершине этой горы с видом на озеро!
Это последний раз, когда мы по вторникам купим по большому ванильно-пряному чаю и проведём еженедельную планёрку на работе.
Это последний раз, когда мы зайдём в местную фото лабораторию за распечатками с отснятой плёнки.

С приближением заветной даты таких “это последний раз” будет всё больше, и они будут всё нелепее.

Так вот в пятницу был последний раз, как мы сходили на ежегодную ярмарку! Самым главным событием было то, что я повстречала и погладила мини поросёнка с розовым педикюром! Это было восхитительно. И это был последний раз… ну вы поняли. Пойду лучше собираться.

Thu, August 21, 2014

First of all, the most important note: my mom made this dress for me! I love you, mama <3

A confession: I have a ridiculous amount of snacks and sweets in my office drawers lately. I was even thinking of making a parody post of some kind featuring the weekly contents of my desk drawers. And I would say the stuff I have there is pretty fun, for example, today: white corn fluffs in the shape of dinosaurs, French salted caramels (so good!!!), various jelly beans, chocolate, of course, toffee muffins – I know, something terrible is happening, but it’s very fascinating! It might be the result of stress due to moving..? I think a weekly photo feature would be great, but yes, moving, so next week is my last week in this office.

Since I started talking about food I shall continue: Ben and I have been making cheese at home lately! We got the supplies from Urban Cheesecraft and, to be honest, the box just stood in a corner for a few weeks. I thought it would be hard, but then one evening I made mozzarella and now I’m hooked! The next day Ben and I made a batch of ricotta, which is ridiculously easy and fast. Now we eat cheese on everything from English muffins to curry.

The next on my least of recent unhealthy addictions is Nathan for You on Hulu. It’s ridiculously hilarious and if you haven’t seen it yet you totally should. Some of my favorite episodes: Gas Station Rebate, The Claw of Shame, Ghost Realtor, and, of course, Dumb Starbucks. It’s been raining and thundering every night for the last two weeks in Sandpoint and we’ve been spending our cozy evenings with Nathan. Can’t wait for the 3rd season!

Мама, спасибо ещё раз за платье, оно чудесное :-*

В Сэндпоинте уже чувствуется приближение осени: каждый день идут дожди, и по утрам я выхожу из дома в кардигане. По вечерам мы кутаемся в одеяла и смотрим новое любимое шоу Nathan for You/Нейтан для Вас. Не уверена, появится ли когда-то его перевод на русский, но если будет возможность, очень рекомендую!

Я также рекомендую домашний сыр. Мы с Беном купили набор для приготовления рикотты и моцареллы, и теперь кушаем сыр с каждым приёмом пищи. Оказывается, посыпать карри свежей рикоттой – это не только возможно, но ещё и невероятно вкусно! Для рикотты вообще ничего, кроме лимонной кислоты и молока не нужно – раз-два и готово. Как творог, только нежнее.

Tue, August 19, 2014

Lublyou: Coeur d'Alene lakeLublyou: Coeur d'AleneLublyou: Coeur d'Alene Tubbs HillLublyou: Coeur d'Alene Tubbs HillLublyou: Coeur d'Alene lakeLublyou: Henry puppyLublyou: Coeur d'Alene lake

Last weekend we were thinking of going camping with Ben and Lanette for our first friendiversary, but it was raining in Sandpoint and we weren’t very enthusiastic about another gramping experience — we met in Coeur d’Alene instead and ate our way through this town. We hiked Tubbs Hill and took photos, then had lunch at Crickets, went out for drinks at The Beacon Pub, then after a golden hour stroll at the beach we enjoyed our ice cream cones on the Calypsos porch.

As we were driving home I couldn’t contain my excitement about how we somehow managed to meet such an amazingly similar couple under such unique circumstances. We seriously lucked out! And when my thoughts started running faster than my tongue was able to interpret them into words, I said: “It’s just GRAZY!”, and after a bit of thinking added: “I mean crazy and great, can’t decide which one – actually, both, it’s both great and crazy, it’s totally GRAZY!”  I later found out that I’m not the first to put these together.

What happened next was just as grazy. I think it’s partly B+L’s fault because half the way home my brain was foggy as I was talking and thinking about how I’m going to miss them and planning our future get-togethers. Right after we passed the last big intersection and drove into the darkness of middle-of-nowhere Idaho I glanced at Ben and then down at the car controls and there it was – the gas arrow so tired of pointing down at “Empty” that it gave me the gloomy look of doom.

We forgot to get gas, it was getting close to empty when we were on our way to Coeur d’Alene and now there was no hope, only dark Idaho forests on both sides of the narrow windy road for the next 20 miles. Ben thought there was a gas station somewhere ahead of us and we kept driving what seemed like the longest 12 miles in our lives. “It should be at the end of the lake!”  Ben was trying to cheer me up. “Google Maps doesn’t see anything there, but it sees that we’re twice the lake length from it, I don’t know if we’ll make it. We have a blanket at the back though!” I was extra cheerful.

And then there was the lake, the middle of the lake, almost the end of the lake… the car started shaking and making quiet attempts to stop… the big turn of the highway…  a huge lit up gas station sign! It was definitely grazy how we made it there on the last breathe of the hungry engine.

This car is amazing, I wish we could take it with us, it never disappoints.  It’s a different story, but we did once run out of gas during our 5 minute trip to work one morning (since our trip is so short, we rarely need to fill up, and just had forgotten about it.)

Anybody else have stories about running out of gas?

P.S. The puppy on the photos is Henry, and I’m in love with him and I specifically avoided talking about him in the post because it’ll be 10 pages long. Everyone in Coeur d’Alene seemed to also immediately fall under his charms and so I’m not alone in my weakness.

Прошлые выходные мы провели в городе Coeur d’Alene с друзьями и их щенком Генри. После небольшой прогулки по холмам мы начали наше кулинарное шествие по городу, постепенно перебегая из одного заведения в другое, дегустируя по-бой с устрицами, бургеры по-гавайски и итальянски, клубничные чизкейки, черничное и арахисовое мороженное… день был длинный! На закате мы ловили золотые лучи на пляже и еще долго разговаривали о будущих встречах, поездках и планах.

Уезжать и прощаться совсем не хотелось, и именно поэтому мы и забыли заправить машину. К середине поездки я непринуждённо обернулась к Бену с очередной очень умной мыслью, мой вгляд скатился на приборную панель, и я увидела печальную стрелку, указывающую на полнейшее отсутствие бензина в баке. Было бы здорово, если бы там еще был звуковой или хотя бы световой сигнал для таких как мы, но наша машина переживала молча и ждала, когда мы самостоятельно заметим.

Следующие миль 12 до возможной заправки, которая, как Бен припоминал, должна была быть “где-то там за озером” прошли очень напряжённо: мы оба вглядывались в темноту, стараясь увидеть свет надежды (заправки, конечно же) за очередным поворотом, и вслушиваясь в звуки двигателя, надеясь, что они вдруг не расстают в темноте посреди леса. Я не знаю, как нам так повезло, но заправка действительно оказалась там, где и ожидалось и на вибрирующей и трепыхающей машине мы всё-таки вкатились туда без остановок.

С такой машиной очень жалко будет расставаться, она с нами столько путешествий и приключений за последние два года пережила, столько миль накатала. Замечательный друг – наша маленькая Хонда.

Mon, August 11, 2014

With all of the recent events one very important date quietly passed by. It’s been 2 years since we moved to the U.S. and I became a resident! It’s like a parallel life, I have to remind myself from time to time that it’s all real.

I find it very interesting to observe how my views change over time, I experience things and events and they change me into a new person. A year ago I didn’t feel like I was in the right place and I was doubting if I even made the right choice in moving here. Now I can see that I was at the bottom of a (surprise!) culture shock, which I didn’t anticipate after all of my living abroad and travel experience. Last year I felt frustrated because I was desperately trying to be a local and every time someone pointed out that I was a foreigner it really hurt me.

Over my second year here, I finally calmed down and accepted who I am and where I am from. I still find some remarks people make about Russia, my accent, me being different, etc. ignorant and annoying, but more and more often I just get a good laugh out of it. I feel more comfortable just owning my life adventure and being excited to see what the future brings.

It’s also time to move forward. It never gets easier to step out of something comfortable and warm and go into something yet dark and unknown. But I need to, I can’t afford to settle just yet without knowing what else is out there for me. And so we’re going somewhere new again — be sure I’ll post more details, hopes, fears and progress here soon. I hope you’ll follow along!

Настолько это лето у нас оказалось занятым и бурным, что некоторые важные даты едва не проскользнули незаметно мимо нашего внимания. В прошлом месяце нашей американской жизни исполнилось 2 года!

С трудом верится, что два года назад я отправлялась в неизведанное в компании любимого мужа и двух чемоданов. С тех пор, конечно, многое изменилось, произошло, принесло успех, разочаровало, нашлось и потерялось — могу точно сказать, что скучно не было.

Мы снова умудрились накопить вокруг себя столько впечатлений, знакомств и багажа, что наши два года в Америке явно выходят за объёмы двух чемоданов. А впереди – новые открытия и приключения, мы вновь собираемся в дорогу! Но не буду спешить с разговорами о будущем, сегодня я ещё немного поностальгирую, листая странички блога.

Thu, August 7, 2014

I’ve been delaying this post for as long as I could because it’s very bittersweet. Today I finally went through my “Oregon” folder and relived all of the captured moments once again. I really miss my family and now when I’m done with the vacation posts I have to face the fact that they left 2 weeks ago. I will not give up so easily, and I decided to print a photobook with the trip photos, too!  I’m looking forward to sorting through the photos again and including more pictures of the family in this project. #livingfarawayfromhomeishard

Lublyou: Multnomah Falls OregonLublyou: Lincoln City Oregon BeachBenFantasea vacation rental Lincoln City ORKatieLublyou: Oregon CoastLublyou: Lincoln City BeachLublyou: Lincoln City Beach OregonLublyou: Lincoln City Oregon coastLublyou: Lincoln City Beach ORLublyou: Lincoln City Beach StarfishLublyou: Lincoln City Oregon SunsetLublyou: Lincoln City Beach Agate

After our mountain adventures and visits to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks we met with Ben’s parents and went on a double family vacation to Oregon coast.

We stayed at Fantasea vacation rental in Lincoln City, OR and I’d be happy to go back again. We kind of blindly picked the place online, we were booking only 2 weeks in advance and it was really hard to find a big enough place in a good location on such a short notice. The house was huge, it’s just a block away from the beach and deer frequent its front lawn!

We didn’t do much on this last part of our grand trip: we ate seafood, collected agates on the beach during low tide, took scenic drives along the coast, watched the colorful sunsets, and the seals playing in the waves. Just what I imagine the perfect family time to be like. I’m actually surprised we didn’t visit the coast earlier during our two years in the Northwest.

It was very cold and windy the first day and I couldn’t believe I brought along two pairs of summer shorts! 55F on the coast accompanied by the freezing breeze felt very refreshing after 90F inland. Luckily, the coast gods were very kind to us and the weather changed for the better overnight, so the shorts weren’t the worst idea after all! It still would have been smarter to bring more layers and pants, no real need for the beach clothes.

A few food notes: local clam chowder is a must (we ate at Mo’s Restaurant the first night after arrival), so are fresh oysters (we got them at Safeway and those were the freshest and juiciest oysters I’ve ever bought at a grocery store.)  Our house had a huge kitchen and an outdoor grill — with so many cooks in the family that was the perfect arrangement.

By the end of the trip, both Ben and I were convinced that we wanted to live in some place that has both an ocean coast and a mountain backdrop. Now we need to figure out if such place exists and when we can move there.

Sun, August 3, 2014

Because I just created a new folder named “August” I must share some of the photos from the “July” folder before I forgot about them forever. These make me smile:

Lublyou: garden potatoes

My mini potato harvest 2014. I think these are some kind of Russian potatoes, Ben’s mom brought them from the farmers’ market one day and I planted 5 in our raised garden bed. A few months later we boiled these tiny guys, sprinkled with olive oil and fresh dill and celebrated another gardening season.
Наш мини урожай картошки. Помыли, сварили, оливковым маслом полили, укропом посыпали и на свежем воздухе пообедали – по таким маленьким радостям “по-айдаховски” я буду скучать.

Lublyou: Ben and Katie

We found this giant green wall downtown made of different plants, so naturally we took pictures in front of it. That’s what you do when you see a wall like that. It was very sunny and bright, we both look like we’re sleeping and smiling like crazy, which makes me love this photo even more. Also, I had long hair back then!
Нашла эти фотографии с конца июня, когда у меня еще были длинные волосы. Мы тут так на солнце щуримся, а не спим — честно! хаха

Lublyou: Milka chocolate

My mom brought me my favorite Milka chocolate last month. It took an enormous effort on my part not to eat it all right away. But it’s been a month and I’m weak, so it’s already gone. Mama, I hope you read this, I’m out of Milka!
Мама, у меня Милка закончилась! Приезжай снова в гости, а?

Thai Nigiri Sushi Sandpoint

Speaking of food, there is a new sushi place in Sandpoint! Thai Nigiri occupies the same building as our previous favorite cafe in town — The Readery. We’ve eaten there 10 or more times already. We basically stopped going anywhere else in town since they opened. They serve both Thai and sushi, but both their menus are so big that we haven’t made it to the Thai part yet!
У нас в городе новый суши ресторан открылся, там отличнейший холодный тайский чай – это он оранжевый на фото.

Lublyou: Sonya bunny

When we went to Seattle to pick my family up from the airport, we stopped at Ikea and got this fabulous floral bedding set. I can’t believe how lucky I am — my husband loves floral print! Sonya bunny also approves.
По дороге в аэропорт в Сиэттле, когда мы с Беном ехали встречать мою семью, мы остановились в Икее и купили вот такой цветочный спальный набор. Как же мне так повезло, что мой муж тоже любит цветочный принт?!

Lublyou: Katie

On one of the afternoons when everyone was taking a nap after a long trip Ben and I sneaked out to a blooming field down the street and made a floral crown. We gave it to Sam dog later and he proudly carried it around on his neck for a few days.

Lublyou: Cherry treeLublyou: Cherry and Sage Crust Pie

Yesterday I picked the cherries from a tree in our front yard and made a cherry pie with a sage crust (plus 12 mini-pies which are not pictured) — recipe by Demetria Provatas. I didn’t use nectarines this time and substituted coconut oil for cream butter. It was great, even though I let the cherry juice cover some of my dough decorations during baking.
Пирог из вишни с дерева перед домом и шалфея из огорода. На этом фото после запекания косички из теста по краю пирога утонули в вишнёвом соке, но на такие мелочи никто не обращал внимания, вкус был превосходный.

Lublyou: Sage bush

My sage bush along the other herbs and flowers on our porch. I grew it from seeds last year, it spent winter indoors and this summer it decided to bloom! I get really attached to my garden friends. А вот и мой шалфей, ему уже два года, этим летом он даже зацвёл!

Lanette and Ben

This weekend we spent with our friends in Spokane. We got to see their beautiful new house, which is so light and big, and it has a brick wall and a yard that is more like a private park! We met their new puppy Henry, who stole my heart, I can’t wait to see him again. We watched an outdoor movie under the stormy clouds and lightning, had lots of tasty pizza and once again felt like we wanted to just pack those guys in our weekend bag and take them with us back home. I took zero photos! So here’s one of my favorites of Ben&Lanette in Coeur d’Alene last spring, taken with a juice box film camera.

Lanette, your fudge may be all gone tonight. Fudge is a normal Sunday lunch and dinner option, isn’t it?

На эти выходные мы ездили к друзьям в Спокен, мы не виделись целый месяц, и они уже успели купить дом, переехать и завести очаровательного щенка Генри! Мы ходили в кино под открытым небом, ели пиццу, строили планы будущих путешествий и приключений — как всегда отлично провели время. Я совсем ничего в этот раз не сфотографировала, поэтому покажу вам Бена и Ланетт, заснятых на плёнку во время нашей поездки в соседний город весной.

Thu, July 31, 2014

Lublyou: Yellowstone CanyonLublyou: Yellowstone BisonLublyou: Old Faithful Inn YellowstoneLublyou: Old Faithful Inn roomLublyou: Old Faithful Inn East Wing BathroomLublyou: Yelloowstone Black Sand Emerald poolLublyou: Yellowstone Bison Lamar ValleyLublyou: Yellowstone bison on the roadLublyou: Yellowstone National Park elkLublyou: Yellowstone Lower Falls Artist Point sunsetLublyou: Old Faithful geyser YellowstoneLublyou: Yellowstone Geyser basinLublyou: Yellowstone National parkLublyou: Baby bison Yellowstone

As I mentioned in my previous Yellowstone post, we spent most of the first day at the colorful hot springs slowly approaching the heart of the supervolcano.

In the evening we arrived to the famous Old Faithful geyser and checked in at the Old Faithful Inn. I’ve been to the huge wooden lobby of this historical hotel before (I recommend getting their ice cream — so good after a hot day of hiking!), but I couldn’t imagine what the guest areas were like. We passed the reception and walked down the long windy corridors, towards our room in the east wing.

I thought I had been teleported to one of the old university buildings in Moscow, or maybe some soviet hospital – the ceiling is very tall, the walls and doors are painted white, and it’s very quiet like everyone is in the class now and any minute students will start pouring out left and right from the rooms. Our room was very simple but charming, I loved the bathroom, but we all wished there was A/C.

We dropped our bags off in the room and continued our adventures to the lake. Soon it got dark and started raining, we were about to turn back but instead kept going, and I’m so glad we did! We saw a gorgeous double rainbow above the lake, two huge elk resting on the side of the road and when we entered Lamar Valley, there was no rain but there were so many bison! When I saw those cute baby bison walking along the blooming meadows I thought it couldn’t get any better.

But we kept driving and 5 minutes before the sunset we finally reached the destination – the Lower Falls of Yellowstone Canyon. It was magical: the air still cold and fresh after the rain, the empty parking lot, a few stairs down, then up… and the most glorious view opened up to us! Just as we walked onto the Artist Point cliff the yellow rocks of the canyon, the opal blue river, the clouds and the sun all started their evening performance. I felt like I got the front row tickets for the rarest show and surprised my family with it. No one else was there and it was so special!

В продолжение моего альбома из Йеллоустоуна я хочу добавить следующее:

  • Детёныши бизонов – невероятно милые, и всё время проведённое в пробке из-за бизонов, переходящих дорогу, того стоило. Я бы ещё пару раз развернулась и постояла в этой пробке, только чтобы проехать мимо них снова.
  • Моё самое любимое воспоминание из Йеллоустоуна – закат на водопаде. Я так рада, что мы не испугались дождя и продолжили путь к каньону, что там было так тихо и безлюдно, что мои самые любимые люди на свете были рядом, и природа нас осчастливила таким красочным шоу.
  • Восточное крыло исторического отеля Old Faithful мне напомнило коридоры университета МЭИ и здание больницы на Таганке советских времен. Эти высокие потолки, белые стены, уходящие в бесконечность и огромные двери вызывают именно такие ассоциации. Но мне там понравилось, честно!
  • Мы провели ночь в центре супер-мега-вулкана! Расскажу потом внукам, какие мы были дерзкие и отчаянные.

Wed, July 30, 2014

I’m ready to continue our photo journey! Last time I posted about our time in Glacier National Park, now I’m going to fill this page up with Yellowstone National Park goodness. Warning: lots of pictures!
Lublyou: Mammoth Hot SpringsLublyou: Yellowstone National Park TripLublyou: Mammoth Hot SpringsLublyou: Yellowstone National ParkLublyou: Yellowstone NP ElkLublyou: Yellowstone national park Opal PoolLublyou: Yellowstone National ParkLublyou: Yellowstone Grand Prismatic SpringLublyou: Yellowstone Hot SpringsLublyou: Yellowstone Black Sand BasinLublyou: Yellowstone Black Sand BasinLublyou: Yellowstone Lake Rainbow

After spending two days in the mountains of Northern Montana we drove for a whole day down to Bozeman. It’s a very special place for Ben and me – we met and spent some really great time there! Ben also went to school in Bozeman and I worked there for two summers during school. It’s a great town and we still sometimes wish we lived there.

We arrived in Bozeman in the afternoon, walked around the significant streets, visited the Museum of the Rockies, took photos with Big Mike the T-rex, watched a show in the Planetarium, ate at the CO-OP, almost got lost in the Music on Main crowd… I might just write a separate post about how much I love Bozeman and why.

The next morning we headed to Yellowstone National Park and crossed the border into Wyoming, adding a 4th state to our road trip. We entered through Gardiner, MT, went down to Mammoth Hot Springs, then stopped at almost every hot spring basin on the way to Old Faithful. The colorful pools, blasting geysers and boiling mud puddles never get old.

It was hot and sunny and we should have applied more sunscreen, but we had no time for things like that. This place is marvelous! It was my third and definitely favorite time in this park — seeing the excitement on the faces of my parents and brother was priceless.

Mama was nervous about the idea of being in the middle of a supervolcano, especially with all of the recent media speculation about the upcoming eruption and the bison running away from the park. Well, nothing major happened during our visit, but it felt extra exciting to walk around there this time.

The animals didn’t seem too worried about the end of the world either, I’ll prove it in my next post about Yellowstone later this week!

Сегодня делюсь фотографиями из национального парка Йеллоустоун, где в центре супервулкана можно любоваться разноцветными горячими источниками, большими и маленькими гейзерами, кипящими и булькающими грязевыми лужами и, конечно же, дикими животными. Далеко не уходите, через пару дней будет продолжение про бизонов, водопады, каньоны и ещё много чего интересного!

Sun, July 27, 2014

Lublyou: Dover Bay City BeachLublyou: Dover Bay IdahoLublyou: Dover Bay Beach ParkLublyou: Dover Bay ParkLublyou: Dover Bay Beach

After living in Sandpoint for 2 years we still manage to find a new place to discover every now and then. On Saturday we walked to the Dover Bay beach park and took the camera along. We should have also brought some drinking water: it seemed so close to home (compared to our recent trips) that I didn’t even think of it as “hiking.”

Also, I have to admit I’ve developed an addiction to floral skirts. I don’t know how this situation even happened, but now it’s quite serious. This is the newest addition to my floral maxis collection and I have to remind myself that it’s not the only item in my wardrobe — I reach for it every morning, I just love it so. I found some similar skirts online:

На этой неделе нам удалось найти несколько совершенно новых мест в городе, которые мы каким-то чудом обходили стороной на протяжение 2 лет. В субботу мы прогулялись на пляж в пригороде Довер Бэй – это примерно в пяти минутах езды от нашего дома, но нам всё казалось, что мы уехали куда-то далеко-далеко.

А лицо у меня на фотографиях такое довольное еще и потому, что моя коллекция юбок с цветочным принтом недавно пополнилась вот таким чёрным экземпляром. Особая ценность этой юбки в том, что мы её нашли с мамой, прогуливаясь по местным магазинам. Даже не верится, что уже прошла неделя, как моя семья вернулась в Москву. Я по вам так скучаю, спасибо за отличный отпуск!

Mon, July 21, 2014

My favorite place + my favorite people = my dreams come true!

I visited Glacier National Park for the first time 5 years ago and I clearly remember hiking along Saint Mary lake and losing my breath at the amazing emerald waters, crisp fresh air and the giant mountains. I kept repeating: “I need to bring my mama here, she’ll love it so much! I have to come here with her one day!” I didn’t know how or when it would be possible, but I knew I had to show it to her.

Five years later my whole (now extended!) family and I hiked along the same lake and awed at the same magnificent view. No need to say I’m overwhelmed with happiness.

Lublyou: Glacier National Park Going to the Sun RoadLublyou: Glacier National Park Going to the Sun RoadLublyou: Glacier National Park Bighorn SheepLublyou: Glacier National Park Ground DogLublyou: Glacier National Park Logan Pass SnowLublyou: Glacier National Park Snowy Logan PassLublyou: Glacier National ParkLublyou: Glacier National Park DeerLublyou: Glacier National Park Iceberg Lake HikeLublyou: Glacier National Park Iceberg Lake HikeLublyou: Glacier National Park BearLublyou: Glacier National Park Saint Mary Lake

We stayed on the East side of the park at Swiftcurrent Motor Cabins in Many Glacier. If you don’t want to camp (or plan on arriving in the evening) and want a choice of lodging book a long time ahead if you can. We got what seemed like the last available room for a family online in early June.

I recommend stopping by Park Cafe in Saint Mary for the best huckleberry ice cream ever. Only eat at the Swiftcurrent Restaurant if you are in this part of the park at 9:30 p.m. and don’t have any food to feed a family of 5 — it wasn’t the best dinner (or value) we’ve ever had but we’ll be more prepared next time.

There is so much snow in Logan Pass in the beginning of July! Can’t hike to Hidden lake (unless you brought your skis along) but there are many sheep and very few people around, I really liked it!