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Wed, October 22 2014

A sweet date and a new header

Ladurée date in Central ParkLadurée on Madison avenueUpper East Side NYCLadurée Citron Gingembre

Per our new tradition, we spent Sunday afternoon in Central Park munching on a new Ladurée treat. This one was “Citron Gingembre” (Lime Ginger) and it was delicious.

Central Park can definitely be a busy place, which becomes more noticeable if you’re trying to take photos of something. In an attempt to avoid the rush, we chose a hill which appeared to be quiet. There weren’t many people on the nearby path and the lawn was clear, but as soon as we took the treat out of the box to shoot it, people suddenly became very interested in walking up the path and it was hard to take a picture in that direction without a forest of legs.

We waited for it to clear out for a few minutes, but instead I decided to just shoot the other direction, away from the path and up the (quiet) hill. As soon as I had carefully focused, as if they’d been waiting for the right moment, a whole elephant herd of kids appeared out of nowhere and started running up and down the hill. Ben and I looked at each other and started laughing, it was impossible! We wanted to finish shooting and eat the treat, so we managed to eventually get some pictures between the steady streams of kids and their pursuing parents. We packed the camera away and settled in to eat, and they all immediately disappeared, of course. At least it was quiet while we ate!


Notice anything new? When we came up with “Lublyou” to replace our blog’s first name (“Chestnut Mocha,”) Ben drew two different versions of the logo: a blue one and a red/green one, both referencing some common themes in Russian folk art. We decided it was time for a change and took the opportunity to tune up and refine the design of the blog as a whole. I’m really excited about it! Do you like it?

Сегодняшний пост перенасыщен всевозможными вкусностями и красивостями, мне не терпится скорее обо всём рассказать!

Начну, конечно же, с нашего воскресного свидания в Центральном Парке. День выдался самый чудесный дня посиделок на лужайке, травка зеленела, солнышко блестело, и наш выбор в бутике Ladurée выпал на полосатое лимонно-имбирное пирожное. Воздушный крем с кислинкой разделяют три полоски слоёного теста, которое крошится и тает на губах – мы как всегда не прогадали. Оно внешне очень напоминает кофейное пирожное, которым мы наслаждались пару выходных назад, но по вкусу их спутать совершенно невозможно.

А вы заметили что-нибудь новое во внешнем виде блога? Когда мы переименовали блог пару месяцев назад, Бен нарисовал два варианта логотипа Lublyou: голубой под гжель и красный с земляникой. С переездом в Нью-Йорк, сменой сезонов и настроения, мы решили, что пора и блог немного преобразить. Как вам новая ягодная иллюстрация для Lublyou?

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Sun, October 19 2014

The simplest “Ukha” (Russian fish soup) // Уха

Ukha Russian fish soup // Lublyou.comRussian fish soup Ukha //

We recently discovered that Chinatown is the place for great deals on fresh fish! I had been there once before, but earlier this week I took Ben to explore the sprawling fish markets in search of something tasty for dinner. As a huge seafood lover, I have a hard time not taking home a lot more than I should, but we managed to restrain ourselves to this delicious salmon … and a pound and a half of fresh clams. Fish soup is something that Ben hadn’t tried before meeting me, but it’s very common in Russia and I love it!

“Ukha” (Russian: Уха) started to be used as a term for fish broth in Russian cuisine in the late 17th to early 18th centuries. In the past, fishermen would prepare the soup over an open fire using whichever fish were caught that day. Nowadays, people use any fish, from salmon to cod, that they “catch” at a supermarket on the way home.

There are many ways to go about making this Russian fish soup, but I’ll share just the simplest one, which doesn’t involve making a separate pot of fish broth beforehand. This soup is great for fall. I make it when I crave something comforting on a cold evening and I want it sooner than later.

Ukha fish soup recipe


  • 1 small carrot, peeled, cut in circles
  • Salt, peppercorns, ground pepper, bay leaves, smoked paprika, parsley, onion, dill
  • 3 large potatoes, peeled, chopped in cubes
  • 1 lb. salmon, cut into bite-sized pieces (or any other fish you like: pike, snapper, trout, bass, etc.)
  • 2 quarts of water
  • Fresh scallions, dill, parsley chopped, for serving

Bring water to a boil. Add salt, peppercorns, onion, bay leaves, herbs, paprika and ground pepper. Boil on medium heat for 10 minutes.

Add potatoes and carrots, bring to a boil and cook for 2-3 minutes.

Add the salmon and cook for 10-15 minutes or until all vegetables are soft and fish is cooked.

Season to taste. Serve hot with fresh herbs.

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Sat, October 18 2014

Golden days + weekend sales

Russian // Lublyou.comRussian blue shawl // Lublyou.comRussian shawl // // Russian shawlAnn Taylor heelsNew York golden fall //
Silk Top // Nordstrom (similar) • Lace skirt // LOFT (now on sale!) • Heels // Ann Taylor (also on sale now!) • Owl pendant // a gift from Ben • Russian shawl // a gift from mama.

This is how I transition from summer to fall – I put on my Russian shawl! It’s perfect when it’s not cold enough for a coat, but at the same time the occasional crisp October breeze makes my silk top and bare arms look poorly prepared.

I love this wool shawl for sentimental and practical reasons and I could talk about it forever. It’s a gift from my mama and I wore it all the way though my university years, rainy Moscow November mornings, snowy February nights, I had it with me in Korea when Ben and I fell in love, and it kept me warm and reminded me of home during the long Idaho winters. It’s so versatile – I use it instead of a cardigan, as a scarf, sometimes on my head, I tie it around my purse or hips, and even snuggle with it on the couch with a book from time to time.

I came across this list of sales happening this weekend and thought I’d share them here, too:

J.Crew Factory – Extra 30% off Clearance | Code: YAY30
Kate Spade – 30% off entire purchase | Code: F14FFUS
Ann Taylor – Extra 50% off Full Price Tops, Accessories, & Shoes | Code: STYLE50
Saks Fifth Avenue – 25% Off | Code: FRNFAM
Old Navy – 25% Off | Code: TREAT
J.Crew – 30% Off Sweaters & Outerwear | Code: SHOPFALL
Madewell – 30% Off Sale | Code: PICKMEUP
Club Monaco – 25% Off Select Fall Styles | Code: FALLFAVES
Forever 21 – Extra 30% Off Sale | Code: TAKE30
Saks Off Fifth – Extra 40% Off Contemporary | Code: 40FORYOU
Lands End – Extra 30% Off Fall Essentials | Code: LEAF
Gap – Extra 25% Off Entire Purchase | Code: HAPPY

Мой любимый Павлопосадский платок, который я всегда и везде беру с собой, теперь тоже живёт в Нью-Йорке.

Он мне достался в подарок от мамы, и мы с ним не расстаёмся уже много лет. Этот платок согревал меня все университетские годы с их промозглыми ноябрьскими утрами на автобусных остановках, застуженными аудиториями на ВДНХ и снежными февральскими вечерами по дороге домой; он ездил со мной в Корею, где всё самое волшебное только начиналось, а потом я в него куталась и скучала по дому длинными зимами в Айдахо.

Каждый сезон я нахожу новое применение моему Павлопосадскому другу. Так этим особенно тёплым октябрём в Нью-Йорке он мне помогает преобразить мой летний гардероб в осенний в считанные секунды!

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Wed, October 15 2014

October in New York City // Нью-Йорк в октябре

Halloween on Upper West Side, New YorkLublyou: NYC stoopsJacket//H&M • Silk Top // Nordstrom (similar) • Jeans // LOFT • Heels // Ann Taylor
Halloween in New York City // Lublyou.comLublyou
I’ve visited New York in May, July and September before, but this time around I’m here during the most exciting time in the city! Whenever I mentioned moving to New York, people familiar with the city kept telling me “You’re going to love fall there!”, so my expectations were high. September didn’t surprise me much and, except for that one day of downpour which sentenced me to bed with flu for a week, it was mostly just another summer month with picnics in the park, bare legs, iced lattes and humid night air.

October is another story, though. It’s like a plate full of tasty appetizers before the main course. The signs of autumn and approaching holidays are starting to appear all over town, but very slowly and timidly. You wouldn’t notice them if you’re in a hurry.  One day there’s nothing, and the next morning there’s something new on the neighbors’ stoop.

This past week was full of such surprises: small and huge, sleek and warty, orange and white pumpkins on the stoops, spider webs, witches, owls, corn, moss, lanterns… The weather has been incredibly cozy, too, still warm enough for a t-shirt during the day, but kindly chilly in the evenings for the first cups of hot chocolate or pumpkin chai latte.

Speaking of food, this is my third fall in the U.S. and I finally got a real taste for everything pumpkin spice. The first year I just couldn’t deal with it or anything like winter squash, sweet potatoes, chai, and later I was frustrated with eggnog, gingerbread, etc. The second year I gave them all another try and found myself actually enjoying many of those American fall classics.

This year I’m going nuts on the seasonal specials! Tonight I ventured into Trader Joe’s and came home with pumpkin chai latte mix (Ben loves it!), pumpkin butter, pumpkin spice (of course!), pumpkin cider (amazing!), dark chocolate pumpkin spice salted caramels… and I’ve just discovered they have Pumpkin Body Butter?!? Is anyone else also excited about everything October, pumpkins and Halloween?
Halloween at Chelsea marketHalloween in HarlemHalloween in New York

В Нью-Йорке я бывала пару раз в мае, один раз в июле, ещё в начале и в конце сентября, но ни разу настоящей осенью и зимой. Что ж, у меня это всё впереди, так как мы тут теперь надолго. Я с нетерпением предвкушаю осенние и зимние праздники в этом городе, и их первые признаки уже начинают появляться на наших улицах. Всё чаще я замечаю маленькие и огромные, гладкие и бородавочные, оранжевые и белые тыквы на порогах и ступеньках, белые паутины, колышущиеся на ветру, всевозможных ведьм, скелетов, чучел, сов, различный мох и цветастую кукурузу.

В еде у меня тоже начинается осенний сезон со вкусом тыквы и пряным ароматом. Это моя третья осень в Америке, и меня наконец по полной накрыло тыквенной волной. В первый год в Сэндпоинте я не сильно оценила все эти пряные напитки, выпечку и печёные овощи, некоторые даже отправила в “больше никогда!” список. Мне особо не приглянулся пряный чай, даже смешно вспомнить, я его почти два года избегала.

Теперь всё иначе, возможно, это мой культурный шок прошёл, а может, Нью-Йорк так на меня влияет. Одно мне точно известно, из магазина я сегодня пришла с большим “разнообразием” продуктов: тыквенный пряный чай латте, тыквенное повидло, тыквенные пряности, тыквенный сидр, солёная карамель с тыквой в тёмном шоколаде… Меня в этом году не остановить! А вы любите всё тыквенное?

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