Holiday gifts for cooks and bakers

Wed, November 23 2016

One of the things Ben and I have been working on lately is this gift generator that helps you find a perfect gift for anyone based on a set on unique characteristics. It’s basically an algorithm that suggests a gift after you selected your preferences: an occasion, person’s description, likes and dislikes, price range… If […]

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Russian sweet cheese pancakes Syrniki

Fri, November 4 2016

It was 70F in New York yesterday with plenty of sunshine, and there were birds chirping all over the red and gold trees – nothing to complain about in November! I used this as an excuse to take a long walk to a Jewish store on the Upper West Side and got two packages of […]

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Pumpkin & Brown Sugar Babka

Sat, October 8 2016

I get to experience fall’s arrival twice this year! Last month I went home to Russia and jumped from the Atlantic coast’s muggy heat into crispy Moscow September with its dramatic low and dark skies, big shawls, and sea buckthorn tea with mint and honey. Now I’m back in New York and I finally have […]

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Pear Doughnuts with Blueberry Glaze

Mon, June 6 2016

I wanted to bake something fruity, summery, and colorful — but I also wanted donuts. To compromise, I came up with this idea for pear doughnuts with blueberry glaze. All it takes is one ripe pear for sunny orchard flavor, a bunch of blueberries, and 15 minutes of kitchen time!

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